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"The Royal 5 Accessories" exclusively features fabulous "Paparazzi Accessories" for youth, women and men in various styles, colors and textures. We believe jewelry makes a statement about one's willingness to stand out and be admired. It's a symbol of individuality and confidence. Go ahead, take a look and don't be surprised you may be hooked. No worries...our job is to feed your jewelry habit. 

Our Products

The vast variety of our fabulous collection of  Paparazzi Accessories is only $5.  If you're amazed by the price, you'll love these additional fun facts about our products: 

  • Our jewelry is Lead & Nickel Free

  • Each piece is one-of-a-kind featuring original design, style, and feel

  • Brand new jewelry selections made available weekly

Want a bigger, bolder statement necklace set ? Be sure to take a look at our gorgeous Zi Collection pieces for only $25.